Information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) for all our valued guests

Updated 19 June 2020

Information on Future Bookings - Availability suspended until 13 July 2020

Based on new UK/Welsh Government advice (issued 19 June 2020). We have made decisions to help the Aberdovey and surrounding area environment, persons, local hospitals, health centres and local immediate essential services, we have temporarily added to our Terms and Conditions which will help the Village and area together with our valued guests and owners of holiday accommodation.

Independent Holidays t/a Aberdovey Breaks will from 19 June 2020 cease to take any new bookings for arrivals prior to 13 July 2020 (this date may be amended pending any future Government advice).

Temporary addition to Terms and Conditions Based on Government Advice and Guidelines:

We are aware that the situation changes daily, and we will continue to take advice, guidance from the Government and amend accordingly. We monitor the situation daily and of course review accordingly for guests.

Notes for all arrivals that include the 13th July

For all guests who have booked holiday accommodation with ourselves for dates up to 13 July 2020 we would advise you to defer your holiday to later dates during 2020 or 2021 to the same holiday accommodation originally booked or alternatively you may be able to amend your holiday to a short break from Monday 13th July for 4 or 5 nights pending your original arrival date ie Friday 10th or Saturday 11th July subject to the owner of the holiday accommodation agreeing to the short break.

If the Guidelines change and travel restrictions to self-contained properties are re-introduced for arrivals after 13 July 2020, you would be able to defer your booking to new dates in 2020 or 2021. If this does happen, we would contact you immediately

For guests who have holidays booked from 13 July 2020 onwards and where balances are due please arrange for payment to be made, if you do wish to cancel your holiday then normal cancellation charges would be applicable as per our normal T+C's.

Information to Defer your Booking
If you wish to defer your booking, please visit our website  check alternative dates for the accommodation you have booked and then please email us with your name/original arrival date and new dates you would like to amend to, we will amend your booking for you and confirm in writing your deferred date, alternatively please email ourselves with your query and we can advise availability for you. We are not levying any cancellation/amendment charges to make this arrangement.Please note that If the date you amend to is a more expensive time of the year the applicable cost would be applied equally if dates chosen are less the cheaper applicable cost would be applied.

We hope with the information provided on 19 June 2020 by the Welsh Government and the new advice on self-contained properties that all holidays from 13 July 2020 onwards go ahead as planned, however, all holidays/dates would be still be subject to any further/new restrictions advised accordingly which may affect Aberdovey and the surrounding area.

Bookings already confirmed from 13 July 2020 onwards
At present our normal T+C's would be applicable for guests who wish to cancel their accommodation completely for any arrival date from 13 July 2020  however please contact your travel insurance to find out what your policy covers you for, we have found out that most of our guests are able to make a claim and receive monies paid by their Insurers.
Once spoken to your Insurance Company please forward to us via email your cancellation, please note that our normal terms and conditions would be applicable for cancellations made by a guest, we would supply you with the necessary cancellation documentation to pass on to your insurance Company.

For all new Bookings made from 19 June for arrivals from 13 July 2020 onwards our normal T+C's are applicable as shown on our website and confirmed to you in writing, please note that after booking and if we receive further Government advice that advises that travel is again restricted we will allow bookings to be deferred to dates in 2020 or 2021.

Please note that we cannot guarantee facilities/amenities will be open and available in the Aberdovey and surrounding area.

For all bookings we will forward access instructions prior to arrival with any further advice applicable especially on local amenities/facilities. It is important to note that because of any new Housekeeping protocols/guidelines that arrival and departure times may vary as originally advertised to help keep you safe whilst staying at the accommodation. it is also important to note that there may be increased costs in housekeeping because of new protocols/guidelines, all owners reserve the right to pass these on if any to guests, but they would be kept to the bare minimum.

Please note all bookings would be subject to owners being able to prepare their accommodation in time for arrivals and if they are unable to prepare then your booking may still not be available, if this is the case then you would be able to defer your dates/holiday, please be advised that if Government advice changes, we will react accordingly.

Please note that all bookings are taken at Guests own risk and you have a responsibility yourself to make sure that the property is kept clean throughout your stay and abide to any Government and Local guidelines. We also ask you to abide any guidelines applicable to the individual property you are staying at. Access to holiday accommodations/ arrivals are on the basis that guests to not have symptoms of Covid-19 when arriving at the property and by entering the property you confirm that this is correct. If you do have symptoms during your stay you need to advise our agent or ourselves immediately, you will need to vacate the property immediately, go straight home and self-isolate. Refunds will not be considered if your holiday is curtailed.

We would like to thank all our guests, past/present and future for your understanding and support, it is most appreciated. Please respect local persons and the amenities/facilities offered.

Further Notes
A Message from Wales
For further information regarding holidays and travelling to Wales and Aberdovey please view the following advice from Visit Wales

A Message from Aberdovey
Local people in Aberdovey and surrounding area appreciate ours and your support since lockdown and for not travelling during this period, we are sure that as lockdown has been lifted you will receive a warm welcome, again we thank our guests for all of your understanding.

Further information for GuestsCOVID-19 essential travel guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

Coronavirus (COVID-19) For health information and advice  

If as a guest you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us via email:  

We would like to thank all our guests and owners for their patience and continued support.
Please be aware that these T+C's are additional to our main T+C's, where applicable all other T+C's remain unchanged.