Information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) for all our valued guests

Updated January 2021

Temporary Addition to our normal Terms and Conditions and applicable to our valued guests who have booked or are wanting to book Holiday Accommodation through Aberdovey Breaks for 2021/2022 and are additional to our normal terms and conditions

If your holiday dates are affected by Government Lockdown or Travel Restrictions, the following temporary additional Terms and Conditions are applicable

1) An opportunity for guests to defer their booking to alternative dates in 2021 or 2022 with no amendment charges (rental rates for any new dates booked would be applicable which could be an addition to what you have paid already or refunded if rental rates are lower)

2) A full refund less an administration fee which is shown below.
Booking Values up to £1000 - the fee would be £25.00
Booking Values between £1000 - £1750 the fee would be £35.00  
Booking Values over £1750 - the fee would be £45.00

Please note the administration fee includes the applicable booking fee you have paid which depending on your accommodation is between £16.00 - £30.00
If you book a holiday and there are not any Covid-19 Government restrictions affecting the dates you have booked our normal T's and C's would be applicable
We also advise when making a booking to take out holiday insurance if applicable.

Information on Deferring your Booking - If Government restrictions are applicable

If you wish to defer your booking, please visit our website check alternative dates for the accommodation you have booked and then please email us with your name/original arrival date and new dates you would like to amend to, we will amend your booking for you and confirm in writing your deferred date, alternatively please email ourselves with your query and we can advise availability for you. We are not levying any cancellation/amendment charges to make this arrangement. Please note that If the date you amend to is a more expensive time of the year the applicable cost would be applied equally if dates chosen are less the cheaper applicable cost would be applied and a refund arranged. Please note if you wish to amend dates of your holiday which is already booked and there are no restrictions in place for the dates booked this is allowed however an amendment charge of £25.00 would be applicable. Please note that this is only allowed over 42 days in advance of your arrival, under 42 days would be counted as a cancellation. Rental rates would be applicable as per the new dates.

Holidays already booked
If you have already booked a holiday and the balance becomes due this should be paid as normal which would mean the above temporary terms and conditions being applicable, if the balance is not paid by the due date then our normal terms and conditions would be applicable and cancellation charges would apply if the booking is cancelled Please note that for all accommodations the following is applicable :Check in time from 17.00 and check out by 09.30  
Please note that we cannot guarantee facilities/amenities will be open and available in the Aberdovey and surrounding area.

For further information/guidelines regarding Coronavirus/Travel Guidelines/Local Restrictions please refer to the Welsh Government advice as per their website

We do hope that a semblance of normality returns this year and hope that everybody has the opportunity to have a holiday and stay in Aberdovey, in the meantime we ask everybody to adhere to Government Guidelines, stay safe and well.
We thank all our guests for your patience and understanding as we move forward and look forward to welcoming you back to Aberdovey

Aberdovey Breaks
January 2021